What types of financial aid am I eligible for?

For information about different types of funding options visit the website of the Student Financial Services. All prospective students should seek funding from external sources such as, scholarships offered by philanthropic or government organizations. Eligibility requirements will vary depending on the sponsor. In addition, separate applications will be required by each sponsor. To search a list of external scholarship opportunities you may use Columbia University's Find A Fellowship listing online or our Fellowship Directory. There are many other search sites available on the Internet. We also suggest you consult with faculty, administrators, or mentors, at your current or prior undergraduate school as they may also have knowledge of sources of funding.

What types of financial aid is available from the School?

All prospective students may apply for department funding with their application for admission. There is no separate application for financial aid awarded by the department. This aid includes, TA/RA Assistantships and other funding support. To apply, submit a complete application for admission within a few weeks of the priority deadline for best results. Be advised, this type of funding is generally only available to doctoral admits. You will be notified directly by the department along with or shortly after your admission decision if you are awarded any departmental aid. Both international and domestic applicants are eligible for departmental aid.

How do I apply for financial aid?

There is no separate application for funding awarded by the department. The application for admission is also used for financial aid consideration from the department. This type of aid is awarded by the department to which you apply based on merit and the amount of funding available. It is not guaranteed with admission.  Typically this form of aid is not available to students pursuing Master of Science degrees. Both international and domestic applicants are eligible for department aid.

How will I be informed if I have received any department funding/aid?

You will be notified directly by the department at the same time or shortly after your admission decision is made. Initially you may be notified over e-mail contact by a faculty member or administrator. If you have not been awarded aid you will receive no communication regarding funding from the department. 

Are students required to pay taxes on fellowship funds they receive?

Fellowship funds may or may not be taxable, depending on how they are spent. Normally funds used to pay tuition and fees are not taxable, but funds used to pay living expenses are. Students should consult with a tax professional or check publication 970 from the IRS website for more information.

If you have additional questions about funding you may email our office at: [email protected]