Welcome, Columbia Engineering graduate students! 

From their first day on campus to Graduation celebrations, graduate students participate in breakthrough research, social events that encourage interpersonal relationships with peers and alumni, educational opportunities to learn from esteemed faculty, and professional development initiatives to prepare students for careers after graduation.

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Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Location: 530 S.W. Mudd Building (Fifth Floor)


[email protected] (Incoming/New Students)

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TEL: (212) 854-6438

Mailing Address:
500 West 120th Street MC4708
New York, NY 10027

Graduate Student Affairs & Student Life Staff

Helen Cen (she/her)
Associate Director of Graduate Student Affairs 

Charlene Bernasko-Acquaye (she/her)
Associate Director Graduate Student Wellness and Support Services

Andy Chae (he/him)
Associate Director of Graduate Student Life

April Neal (she/her)
Graduate Student Affairs Officer

Helena Vaquera (she/her)
Graduate Student Life Officer


Professional Development and Leadership (PDL)

The Professional Development and Leadership (PDL) program empowers and educates Columbia engineers to maximize performance and achieve their full potential to become engineering leaders of today and tomorrow.

Graduate Career Placement (GCP)

The Graduate Career Placement Team (GCP) is dedicated to supporting you in the job search process. Each and every MS student is assigned to a Career Placement Coach to help them every step of the way.

Meet the Graduate Student Affairs Team

The Graduate Student Affairs Team will partner with you to ensure that you have a phenomenal experience outside of the classroom through social and co-curricular programming, events, and initiatives. 

Graduate Student Handbook

This student handbook contains most of the policies guiding your tenure as a student at Columbia. You are responsible for knowing the contents and following all policies contained within.

Worried About A Student?

Community members may use this form to report a general concern to the university (e.g., well-being, potential policy violation, disruptive behaviors, etc.).

Engineering Wellness

The Columbia Engineering Community recognizes student health and well-being as a foundation for student formation, reflecting the integration of intellectual, spiritual, and social development.


The Columbia University Office of Disability Services serves students within all Columbia University schools and departments. The ODS works with each engineering student and Graduate Student Affairs to address specific needs. 

Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.

212-854-2378 (tdd)
212-854-3448 (fax)
[email protected] 

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