Graduate Student Life

While we have moved online for the semester, we are still invested in maintaining our community. Visit the SEAS Virtual Hub for events, resources, and more!


Columbia Engineering offers students a rigorous and dynamic graduate engineering program at one of the world’s most renowned universities.

Graduate students at the school participate in rigorous academic programs and experiential activities that contribute to a holistic and inclusive educational experience.  


Graduate Student Life at Columbia Engineering

From their first day on campus to the Class Day and Graduation celebrations, Graduate students participate in breakthrough research, social events encouraging interpersonal relationships with peers and alumni, educational opportunities to learn from esteemed faculty,  and professional development initiatives to prepare students for careers after graduation.

In addition, Columbia Engineering Graduate students can become involved through the Engineering Graduate Student Council, student organizations, and departmental programming.

In terms of academic programs, Columbia Engineering offers several Graduate level degrees including the Master of Science program; two doctoral degrees in engineering; the Doctor of Engineering in Science (EngScD) and the PhD.

Fall Updates for Students

To learn more about the fall semester, please visit the Fall Updates for Students page.

The Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC)

EGSC is the student governing body of the graduate students at Columbia Engineering. Participation in EGSC through its various committees, student organizations, and executive board positions is highly encouraged.

Student Organizations

Leadership is highly encouraged at Columbia Engineering and many students find the opportunity to lead participating in the numerous student groups found at the school.  

Graduate Student handbook

 This student handbook contains most of the policies guiding your tenure as students at Columbia. You  are responsible for knowing the contents and following all policies contained within.