National Center for Atmospheric Research: Postdoctoral Fellowship

| Post Date Mar 20 2019

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) is a federally funded research and development center devoted to service, research and education in the atmospheric and related sciences. NCAR's mission is to understand the behavior of the atmosphere and related Earth and geospace systems; to support, enhance, and extend the capabilities of the university community and the broader scientific community, nationally and internationally; to foster the transfer of knowledge and technology for the betterment of life on Earth. The National Science Foundation is NCAR's main sponsor, with significant additional support provided by other U.S. government agencies, other national governments and the private sector. Through its Advanced Study Program (ASP), NCAR offers a continuing program of postdoctoral study in the atmospheric and related sciences.
The postdoctoral fellowships provide successful applicants with considerable freedom to pursue their own research interests. Most fellows develop research projects in collaboration with NCAR scientists and engineers, but all are expected to choose their own research directions and are responsible for the design and conduct of their projects.
Besides research in core geosciences, NCAR has a strong interdisciplinary mission to bring other fields to bear on substantial problems in climate, weather and related disciplines. Thus there is also significant opportunity for projects in computational science, data science, social science, or engineering. An overview of NCAR science is featured in the NCAR Annual Scientific Report, which can be found at and in the NCAR Strategic Plan at
Fellows are expected to participate in ASP activities including seminars, lecture series, and research reviews and are expected to provide community service such as outreach, mentoring of undergraduate students or committee work during their term. Because of these expectations, fellows must relocate to Boulder, CO and work in residence full time at NCAR.

How to Apply

An applicant must have a Ph.D. or Sc. D. degree granted in an area related to NCAR science or must be able to complete such a degree and finish all thesis revisions and defense before starting the NCAR appointment.
Primary criteria used in the selection of postdoctoral fellows are the applicant's scientific capability and potential, especially as indicated by originality and independence, and the match between the applicant's interests and the research opportunities available at NCAR.
The ASP strives to have diverse representation of universities and student backgrounds in the postdoctoral fellows cohort each year; and encourages applications from individuals who are members of a group that is historically under-represented in the atmospheric and related sciences, including students who are Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Hispanic or Latino, female, LGBTQ, first generation college students, veterans, and people with disabilities. There are no special restrictions for foreign applicants.